For Discussion: Nas Suggests That Mixed Women Might Be Crazy…Is He On To Something?

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Nas and Kelis

Are Mixed Women Crazy?

If you copped that Nas Life Is Good today (as you should!) you may have noticed a bonus cut "Roses" that REALLY goes in on Kelis. While the track is good, one lyric caught everyone's attention: If she mixed a possible psycho alert goes off." We found this pretty interesting and it's led to interesting debate. Are mixed or light-skinned girls inherently more difficult to deal with? Are they cray cray even? Definitely sound off! And take a look at these mixed and light-skinned ladies for inspiration.
halle berry Halle Berry - She hasn't been able to keep man and she had some issues with hitting people with cars and running off. Verdict - Cray
Zoe Saldana Zoe Saldana - Hot, hot, hot. And she's got it together. Verdict - Sane
Mariah Carey - She's kept things sane recently but back in the day? She was the craziest woman in show business. Verdict - Cray
Rashida Jones 2012 Los Angeles Film Festival Rashida Jones - Quincy's daughter is one of the hottest women on TV and she hasn't done a single thing to rise suspicion of craziness. Verdict - Sane
generic Lauren London - She seems sane but she let Weezy put his seed all up in her belly. It's a national tragedy. Verdict - Possible Cray
Louis Vuitton Ad with Thandie Newton Thandie Newton - She seems like she has it together even though she's played nothing but crazies. Verdict - Sane
leona lewis Leona Lewis - She's mixed and awesome. No bad words for her. Verdict - Sane

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