Angel Lola Luv’s New Look

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Angel Lola Luv3

Check out Angel Lola Luv’s latest photo shoot. Follow us up under the hood to get our opinion of it…

After looking at these pics, who thinks that blubber butt, Angel Lola Luv, is making a serious attempt at swagger jacking Rihanna?

Here are a few more shots for you to compare and Ashanti in rare form.




  • Keeping It Real

    I like natural women….

  • organoize

    Really Lola? How symbolic a photo

  • Hannibal


  • da darkness

    she couldn’t feel nothing like that and she know it.

  • GA Queen

    Why is this chick famous? Her rap game is trash and her butt looks fake!

  • True G.R.I.T.S.

    Can someone please tell me who this chick is and why she is significant? Thanks.

  • BeingMyself

    She looks beautiful. Her hair does resemble Rihanna’s hairstyle. She is not the only person coping Rihanna’s hairstyle.

  • da darkness

    jus put it in your mouth, damn it already

  • kahmmillion

    She is not cute


    The only thing appealing to me in that pic is the cigar..crack dat pass dat Angel!

  • Sawyer

    Why the cigar next to the lips?!

    I’m not impressed…I mean yea she looks good, and thats her job (I suppose), but it leaves me wondering what else do you bring to the table. There’s plenty of good looking ladies just walking up and down the street…what makes his one so special?!

    I would love to see her do an interview (live) so I can hear her speak and listen to her views cause if her intellect is up there with her looks then she’d be a dime in my mind! Until then…hey whatever, make that paper by show your ass kiddo!

  • kai

    Ok I guess im the only one that thinks she looks cute. I mean I think shes phoney as hell with her phoney ass (lit and fig)but she looks classic here with the dark lipstick. Its just those ghetto ass lesbian tattoos that dont do her justice, that and the fact that she is a known dc hometown Skank…Ashanti looks good as usual..


    Ravens VS Redskins Sunday… DC yall might as well not even come up the road for that spankin….

  • mzsweetface

    Why is it whenever someone rocks a short cut they are jacking Rihanna?? She wasn’t the first person to rock the short cut. Anyway, these are nice shots of Lola. That’s all I have to say about that chick.

  • Oshie got that killa p

    Hot damn.

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