Naomi Campbell’s Backs in Milan

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Crazy ass, lying ass, Naomi Campbell is still the hottest thing strutting on any runway. She and her pancake booty were spotted in Milan for Fashion Week on the street and on the catwalk. This makes me think of the “Where the Sidewalk and Catwalk Meet”, but literally.



  • Red

    I thought she was still on probation???? Good for her…FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Black Velveteen

    Make it rain on them hoes, Nay Nay! She’s still rules the catwalk!!

  • MarieDaGuru

    I love you Nay Nay!! Shake ’em off girl!

  • Lili

    Naomi is not a game. Still killin them…lol

    And her butt isn’t big, but it’s tone. She’s not flat like the White

  • Butterfly

    Say what you will about her crazy behind – but she can work the hell out the runway and her photoshoots. She should be on America’s Next Top Model teaching Tyra and ’em a thing or two about working it.

  • John

    Say what you want about her personality but you must admit she has a hot tight body!!!!

  • Just a thought...

    I bet that staff writer that wrote that piece on Naomi is a female. Don’t know for sure, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

    The hell with the booty! How many 37 year olds, Black or not, got a body like her? Or a tone ass for that matter?

    I bet some sistas right now are wishing they could step their game up and get a hot body. Time out for the “big azz” and time to tone up and step out health and body game up.

    Ms. Campbell, do your thang!

  • Vanessa

    her flat pancake booty looks wack in jeans, but it looks nice in the bikini… anywho…she looks good, and not just for her age…she looks good period. go head girl!!

  • ~

    She can walk! I love it.

  • daria

    Damn. I wish I didn’t just eat pitas. She’s KILLING it.


    She is, and always be the hottest chick in the modeling industry!

    I have admired her for years, and Naomi just don’t age! Love her!!!

  • BlahBlah

    I wish Naomi was a judge on ANTM.

  • daria

    Naomi to ANTM girls:

    here’s some cocaine. it’ll help you drop that extra stone (14 lbs) or so you’re carrying around, you disgusting cow.

  • yes

    nay nay need to do some squats and get some roundness to them cheeks

  • lita capalino

    stop the h8

    stop the h8

    stop the h8

    stop the h8

    stop the h8

    stop the h8

    stop the h8

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