Is Kourtney Kardashian Ready To Kick Drunk Azz Scott “Do A Shot” Disick To The Curb And Raise Her Family Solo-Dolo???

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Is there big trouble in the Kardashian-Disick paradise??

Kourtney Kardashian May Be Ready To Leave Husband Scott Disick Once And For All

Reality star Kourtney Kardashian and the father of her two children, Scott Disick, should be in a state of bliss following daughter Penelope’s arrival on July 8. But Kourtney’s already contemplating life as a single mother to Penelope and son Mason, 2. “She doesn’t need Scott,” an insider reveals in the new issue of Life & Style. “Since Kourtney’s become a mother, her priorities have changed, and Scott hasn’t shared her love for being a parent.”

Indeed, Kourtney’s a contented mom — but Scott’s still acting like a bachelor. He’s been clubbing until 7 a.m., downing shots, making lewd sexual comments and leaving Kourtney to fend for herself. “Scott’s totally out of control and a loose cannon,” shares a friend. “He’s doing whatever he wants to do.”

For the sake of her innocent children, Kourtney may finally have had enough. “Their relationship has always been so up and down,” a friend tells Life & Style. “And he’s definitely back to his old ways.” But everything’s different for Kourtney now that she has a daughter to protect. Determined to distance herself and her children from Scott’s toxic energy, “Kourtney’s looking into getting a nanny,” notes the pal. “Scott won’t help out, so she needs someone she can count on when her family’s not around.”

Kourtney’s also making sure she’s financially ready for a life on her own. When she should have been able to relax and enjoy her first week as mom to Penelope, Kourtney felt she had to get back to work. “She’s been calling and emailing the new Dash LA store nonstop since the birth,” a second insider reveals to Life & Style. “She’s very committed.”

Do you think Kourtney should kick Scott’s Disick to the curb or should they try to work things out for the sake of their children?

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