Keyshia Cole at “A Different Me” Photo Shoot

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We’ll say it’s “a different you,” alright. You have different teeth, a different body, and what appears to be a different attitude. Tell the truth Bossipers, she must be getting that good “D,” huh? Damn, must be nice.

More promo shots for ya’ll when you…


  • Pedro .Harleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeem


  • Brianna !!

    oo im 2nd…i think… LOL.

    anyway i dont like these pics of Kee…
    and im mad she got her gap closed. it was so fitting and natural…!

  • Brianna !!

    ..especially that close up picture…yuck

  • FOXY


  • Oshie got that killa p

    I don’t like her.
    I like Neffe better than her.

  • Raquel26

    I dont like this piture of her.

    Who did this to my girl?

    And see…..this is why I think big tattoos are ugly. She can really never wear a nice gown because that tattoo is going to take away from it. It looks ugly to me. I dont think females think about long term when getting tats. They are living in the here and now; and probably wont ever hold real jobs. Because corporate america is not hiring you with tats on your neck that spell your name: Thats ghetto. :(

    But I’m surprised they didnt cover it up with photoshop.

  • Raquel26


  • kiki

    dont like it!

  • Brianna !!

    keyshia probably would have flipped s#it had they covered it up…
    “why should i hide my tattoos? those are a part of me…etc” @ Raquel…

    and Creole, yes she was holding it down for the gaptoothed ! LOL…
    but really…now im like damn keyshia you just turning your back on me like that?!

  • cc

    I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with these pictures and then I figured it out. It’s the hair. Stylist could have did better.

  • ms meca

    i dont mind that she got her gap closed..maybe she seen that as a flaw. but why do they look so fake.. also i love keyshia no homo no homo… i dont think they shpould have covered her tats thats a part of her.. now if it was job interview thats something different

  • Re

    Looks like a whole new set of dentures…they don’t even look like 32 teeth…it looks like one big white tooth.

    I don’t like messy teeth on someone who can afford to straighten it out, but her gap was really a neat part of her. I liked it…I guess she didn’t…

    Or maybe her label didn’t…

  • Bill Bigsby

    she looks like the Fonz in these pics. the sideburns kindA look funny.

  • Re

    @Nina Knows

    Who are you and where have you come from? Lol, I think I agree with almost every one of your posts…

    “A good MAN brings you up, NOT good dick. ” Amen.

  • Brianna !!

    lmao @ bigsby!!!!
    the fonz though!

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