The Swirl: Brunette Becky Breaks Down Her Reasons Why White Women Want Black Men: “You MFers Are Half Horse!” [Video]

Why White Girls like Black Men

White girrrrrrrrrrls gone wild!

We’ve long known that there is a segment of the white women that would like nothing more than to be the boo-thang of a strong, swagged-out, Black man. Reasons for their infatuation varies from person to person, but one thing is for sure, and two is for certain…at some point it comes down to the magical wang.

Peep what ol’ girl has to say for herself below.

So, in conclusion, Black men are respectful, protective, and have HUGE peens! Sounds like husband material no?

If you’d like to give this tender young thang a piece of your mind you can find her HERE, her mentions are currently in shambles.

Image via YouTube

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