Family Feuds: When Members Of The Same Family Damn Near Hate Each Other

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bobby brown bobbi kristina

Famous Families That Hate Each other

Dysfunctional families are just a fact of life. Some of you out there probably hate some members of your own families. We totally understand that.

These celebrities have the same issues. Let’s take a look at some dysfunctional families that can’t stand one another.

Jermaine Jackson, Katherine Jackson

The Jacksons – What in the fizzuck is going on with this family. They out here kidnapping each other like it’s all good?

bobby brown bobbi kristina

The Browns – Bobbi Kristina doesn’t want anything to do with her dad and it’s gotten uglier since Whitney passed.

The Knowles Family – Actually, they just hate Matthew.

The Lohans – Lindsay had to sue her own damn daddy for being shiest.

The Bryants – Dez beat up his own momma! It doesn’t get worse than that.

The Sanders – The kids hate Pilar. Pilar’s beaux hates Deion. Deion’s aunt delivers fades. The end.

Angelina Jolie's dad Jon Voight says she shouldn't have any more kids

The Voights – Angelina Jolie essentially estranged herself from her dad and they didn’t speak for years.

The Coles – Poor Keyshia for having to deal with her crazy a$$ momma.

The Braxtons – These crazy chicks stay hating each other smh.


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