Bolitics: New GOP ‘Voter ID’ Law In PA Will Make It More Difficult For Minorities To Vote

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GOP ‘Voter ID Law’ Will Make It More Difficult For Minorities To Vote In PA

The GOP is at it again.

This time, they’ve put a new state law in place in Pennsylvania requiring residents to present in-state identification to vote.

But PA lawmakers feel that the law will make it more difficult for minority residents to vote……most of whom will be voting democrat in the upcoming presidential election.

An election official in Pennsylvania has said that he will not enforce the state’s voter I.D. law.

Christopher Broach, a Democrat from Colwyn, Penn. told the Philadelphia Inquirer that he would continue to honor the state’s old voting rules.

“I am taking the stand against the new Republican voter law and hoping that anyone nationally whom has been elected to an office with the title of judge will do just that,” Broach said.

Supporters of the law, whose fate will be decided in a closely watched state court case, say that is necessary to prevent voter fraud. But the state’s attorneys recently stipulated that there was no evidence of in-person voter fraud in the area, and the state had never prosecuted anyone for in-person voter fraud.

Critics of the law, passed by the state’s Republican-controlled legislature, say that it will disenfranchise groups that are more likely not to have official state identification, like college students, African Americans and Latinos — groups that are inclined to vote for Democrats. More than half of Colwyn’s population is African American.

Do you think it’s necessary to enforce this law in state where voter-fraud was never a problem?


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