Where Was Tameka?????

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Usher’s mother, Jonetta Patton, showed up in NYC to support her son’s fragrance launch yesterday.

Tameka didn’t come. It was rumored that Jonetta Patton, who didn’t attend Usher’s wedding, slapped a restraining order on Tameka. Pregnant Tameka lied to Essence Magazine this year saying she has a good relationship with Jonetta. Throw some D’s the law on that B*tch.

More images from this event right about now….




  • sexiichar


  • DJ's MOM

    Probably resting at home. She is with child!!

  • Lili

    ^^^^Plz, you know that woman never misses a photo opportunity. lol Well, at least Usher and his mom are ok. That’s important.

    And B looks pretty. That dark hair has grown on me. No more lace fronts!

  • Maya

    I’m pretty certain Tameka didn’t show up because his mom was there. Sometimes it happens this way in families, whether you’re rich, middle-class, or poor. You don’t like someone, then you just don’t like them.

  • http://blackwiz.biz Tiray

    Wow! Beyonce looks great with dark hair! Looks grown up!



  • Nish

    She was somewhere spending this fools money.

  • MarieDaGuru

    DJ’s MOM, I agree!

    The woman is due in a few weeks. She’s probably at home resting. Hell, she might even be with her other kids! If not, maybe she didn’t want to be around his mother. She got her own life too!

  • Lady Architect

    I’m glad to see that usher and his mom still maintains a good relationship….Beyonce looks fab..I’m really loving this darker hair..She’s actually toning herself down instead of being the bright light all the time with that blonde hair.

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    Hmm, wonder how well his fragrance will sell. Somehow, I just don’t associate Usher with cologne.

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    Dang, where is my gravatar?

  • Miss PO

    The last comment about Usher “has a winner”….PULEEEEEEZ. We know you gone like his cologne, I mean your name is “Usher other baby Mama”. All I got to say is, I am glad Usher and his mama are cool again, and as for his colonge…stick w/ music boo!!!!!

  • Betty Boop

    Uhh, where is the wedding ring????

  • http://www.wild4danite.podcastpeople.com Naw Son

    There is no one more gangsta then that little Aunt Jemima lookin lady right there. Urrshers momma.

  • Gypsy Eyez

    Everyone comes looking sophisticated… and then there’s Jermaine with a Mickey Mouse t-shirt.

  • bnice

    pics of tameka can be found on http://www.globephotos.com

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