Oh, You Too Good For A Sistah?! Black Men Who We’ve NEVER Seen With A Black Woman

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Celebrities Who Never Date Black Women

Black women are beautiful. But some Black men refuse to dip into the gloriously warm chocolate for some reason. They’re totally missing out. Ladies, no need to worry about these lames. Plenty of other men out there for you.

Anyway, here are some men that we haven’t ever seen with a Black woman yet. What’s the deal?!


Kobe Bryant – He took Brandy on a date back in the day but that’s about it. He went to Vanessa and a gaggle of caucasian side pieces ever since.


Tiki Barber – He went from his Asian wife to his Becky. Actually, it’s best he stay away.


tiger woods

Tiger Woods – He couldn’t even find a Black side-piece in his collection?

tiger woods

Ice-T and wife Coco Austin out and about in Central London following the London premiere of 'The Art of Rap'

Ice-T – He’s probably had some Black women in his past, but we only see him and Coco.

Dr. Dre seen heading to the gym

Dr. Dre – He dated and married his Becky earrrrly in the game. At least he’s being faithful.


Taye Diggs – He’s just a lost cause, ladies.

taye diggs

Derek Luke; Sophia Adella Luke 27th Annual Independent Spirit Awards

Derek Luke – Maybe he had a sistah before he got famous…

Cuba Gooding, Jr. – Lost cause.


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