When Thugs Cry: When Supposedly “Hard” Dudes Shed Thug Tears

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Rappers And Thugs That Cry

It’s okay for men to cry. We won’t hold that against them. All we ask is that they don’t try to act all hard when their soft side comes out to play.

Here are some so-called “thugs” or tough guys that got overcome with emotions and had to cry it out. Here, here. It’s okay.

Ray Benzino

Benzino – He was just caught crying on LHH and looks like a total goober.

DMX – He’s always having his crack fits, smh.

Chris Brown – He cried because he beat up a girl. Wait, what?

young buck

Young Buck – Fiddy put up an audio of Young Buck crying like a baby. It was awkward.

Mike Tyson – He’s had some tough times and is not afraid to shed tears. But he’ll still whoop dat a$$.

The Game – He cried when thinking about Oscar Grant. That’s admirable we guess.

Jim Jones – He cried on LHH too after a talk with his mom.

Maino – He cried on stage after rocking a show. The emotions just overtook him.

Soulja Boy – He was so torn up by the Whitney tribute that he cried and had snot bubbles and everything.


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