Ring The Alarm: University Of Colorado Psychiatrist Raised Red Flags About Aurora Batman Shooter James Holmes Before The Massacre

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University Of Colorado Psychiatrist Started Threat Assessment Committee After Meeting With James Holmes

It now appears that the University of Colorado had some inkling of what James Holmes was capable of doing, but after he dropped out of school they failed to warn Aurora police.

A University of Colorado psychiatrist whose clients included the former student accused of the Aurora theater shooting tried to discuss the man with members of a campus behavioral and security committee, a television station reported Wednesday.

KMGH-TV, citing sources it did not identify, said psychiatrist Lynne Fenton telephoned some members of the team about graduate student James Holmes in early June. It wasn’t known what Fenton reportedly wanted to discuss, the station said.

Holmes dropped out of the university on June 10. He was arraigned Monday on charges of killing 12 people and wounding 58 at an Aurora movie theater on July 20.

KMGH, citing unnamed sources, reported that campus officials did not contact Aurora police before July 20.

The university said Wednesday it could not discuss the report, citing a court order barring the school from releasing details about Holmes’ yearlong tenure there.

The university did confirm that Fenton was a member of a campus Behavior Evaluation and Threat Assessment team, composed of faculty and staff, including campus police. The team was created to address behavioral problems as well as potential security issues involving members of the campus community.

Fenton could not be immediately reached for comment, and it was not known if she had an attorney. Members of the university team did not immediately return telephone messages seeking comment.

On Friday, Holmes’ attorneys filed a motion that revealed Holmes was seeing Fenton. The revelation raised questions about Holmes’ year of study at the university’s medical campus and about possible motives behind the shooting.

An online resume listed schizophrenia as one of Fenton’s research interests.

The defense motion demanded that a package allegedly sent to Fenton by Holmes, and received at the university after the shooting, be kept sealed because of doctor-patient confidentiality. It also demanded information on who may have leaked information about its contents to some news media outlets that reported — without named sources — that Holmes had written descriptions of an attack in a notebook.

Arapahoe County District Attorney Carol Chambers disputed reports that a notebook contained descriptions of an attack.

District Chief Judge William Sylvester has sealed all court orders, search warrants, affidavits and the case file.

A hearing on the defense motion is set for Aug. 16.

SMH. How can you have a REAL threat assessment committee and not include police involvement. This isht is a mess. And we already see how the defense can poke all kinds of holes in this information because of doctor/patient confidentiality.



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