New Twist in Biggie Murder Case

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Waymond Anderson, the main witness in Voletta Wallace and Faith Evans’ wrongful death suit of Biggie Smalls (R.I.P.) against LAPD, has now flipped the script. He is saying that the LAPD had no involvement in the murder and that Volleta Wallace and her lawyers bribed him.

Via Chicago Tribune:

He said he was offered a percentage of any settlement if he testified that former Los Angeles Officer Rafael Perez had told him that another ex-officer, David Mack, was involved in the murder. In the deposition, he repudiated earlier statements to police investigators in which he described conversations with both of the disgraced officers.

“I don’t know David Mack, I don’t know Rafael Perez,” Anderson told lawyers representing relatives of the slain rapper, whose real name was Christopher Wallace.

The two officers “had no involvement with the . . . murder,” Anderson said under oath. At various points in the deposition, he said, “It was a lie, and I’m ashamed of it,” and, “I did what I had to do to survive.”

Anderson’s testimony, given Aug. 20, was an unexpected reversal for the Wallace family lawyers, who presumably assumed that he would tell the same story he had earlier told detectives.

In some of his most explosive testimony, Anderson charged that the family’s lawyer, Perry R. Sanders Jr., offered to pay him to lie in court about Perez and Mack.

Sanders, a Louisiana lawyer who also has offices in Colorado Springs, Colo., said Anderson’s allegations were “100%, demonstrably false.”

In his deposition, conducted at the state Substance Abuse Treatment Facility at Corcoran prison, where he is incarcerated, Anderson testified that a fellow inmate, Kenneth Boagni, approached him sometime in 2001 and asked him to join a scheme to implicate the LAPD in the Wallace murder to aid the Wallace family lawsuit. He said he was promised 5% to 10% of any settlement.

Anderson said that Boagni, a one-time police informant serving a 40-year term for burglary, told him he had already received $25,000, beginning with a $2,500 payment from Sanders to repair plumbing at his mother’s house. Anderson said a third convict, Mario Hammonds, was also in on the scheme.

In his testimony, Anderson said Boagni called Anderson’s wife repeatedly this summer, renewing the promise of money if he testified as instructed. He said Boagni first offered $25,000, then $50,000, then $75,000, and that ultimately, Voletta Wallace, in a message delivered through another inmate, offered him $150,000.

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