So Far Gone: Super-Stan Drizzy Drake Gets ANOTHER Aaliyah Tattoo After Announcing He’s Producing Her Next Album

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Tat her birthday so you know it’s real?

Drake has added another tattoo to his collection and recently got inked up on his chest in a possible tribute to the late great singer Aaliyah. The tatt in question sure looks like a 116, possibly a reference to Aaliyah’s January 16th birthday, but then again maybe that first number will become a 4, with 416 being the area code for Drizzy’s native city Toronto.

This weekend, the rapper will premiere his new track featuring Aaliyah at the OVO Festival in Toronto and according to sources, he’s the executive producer of the late singer’s upcoming posthumous album:

A reliable source with inside knowledge of the situation told HipHopDX that the Young Money rapper, who has a tattoo of the songstress on his back, will sit at the helm for her new LP. Details surrounding the album are scarce, but in March, producer Jeffrey “J. Dub” Walker said that an unreleased song titled “Steady Ground” will appear on the project. Aaliyah’s brother, Rashad Haughton, later said that no such album was in the works.

In late March, Drake hinted to Tim Westwood that he had some “special things” related to Aaliyah in motion. “I have some great Aaliyah news coming soon,” he said. “Just some special things. Just gave you that, just a little. Because I said, I’m with Westwood, so I can’t not. But great things, great things for music, period.”

For someone who NEVER even met Aaliyah, apparently a tattoo of her face, an upcoming single, potential album, earphones, and other tributes he’s done in her memory are still not enough. What do you think of his latest addition? Is his obsession becoming just plain ole’ creepy?



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