Who Looked More Bangin’???

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Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon and Tisha Campbell-Martin attended the 17th Annual Women In Entertainment Power 100 Breakfast with their nice conservative steez crackin’.

Out of these two lovely ladies, Who Looked More Bangin???

Pop the hood for more…

100 women in entertainment 100 women in entertainment 100 women in entertainment100 women in entertainment

100 women in entertainment 100 women in entertainment 100 women in entertainment

Another powerful woman doing her thang:

Venus WilliamsVenus WilliamsVenus W

Celebs attending the Kennedy Honors event in DC:

Morgan FreemanTaye Diggs and wifene-yo

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  • bg


  • kahmmillion

    Tisha got it on lock

  • Pedro Capo status

    Damn Venus is ugly , Serenas miles better

  • JD's Revenge


    Tisha got it on lock

    If you mean she got ugly on lock, then yeah, you right. None of these hos do nothing for me. Where’s that fine ass Cassie?

  • Pedro Capo status

    Actually i take that back , she aint ugly

  • kahmmillion

    Pedro…you a mess LOL!

  • kahmmillion

    What the hell JD – You gonna talk about me on all your posts….Am I that important to your whoring dick in the booty ass!

  • Pedro Capo status


    Lol i saw her first picture then i commented , then i saw the other ones and i was like ” im being too harsh on a sista” lol

  • Oshie got that killa p

    I’ll take Fancy all day every day yes yes yes yes.
    Tisha ain’t nothing to sneeze at, tho.
    And Oprah… you so silly!

  • Oshie got that killa p

    Oh, and Taye Digg’s “wife” looks like Gonzo.

  • Pedro Capo status

    And Why does Morgan freeman look like the Main Monkey leader in planet of the apes


    Garcelle’s kids are a prime example of why black and white shouldn’t mix. OOPS, i typed that out loud.


    Tisha looks better. Garcelle’s been lookin beat every since the kids….

  • Oshie got that killa p

    @ Purpple: LMAOOOO are you saying her kids are ugly? Come come now, speak up! You are so wrong for that… teehee

  • http://www.barackobama.com ☆ Lola A♏ ★

    Tisha and Garcelle both look great

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