What You Smokin’? Celebrities Who Look Like They’re Totally Hooked On Dem’ Rocks

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Celebrities That Look Strung Out

Drugs are bad. They're horrible. They ruin your lives and rot your teeth. These celebrities, though, don't seem to get the memo. Whether they're actually cracked out or not, they sure do look like it. Let's take a look and try to get these people a bit of help.
Macaulay Culkin stops to take some photographs with fans in New York City. The 'Home Alone' star recently made headlines for looking shockingly thin which prompted concerns about his health. McCauley Culkin
K-Ci and JoJo K-Ci and JoJo
Lindsay Lohan
Dennis Rodman
Bridget Nielsen
Maia Campbell Maia Campbell
Bobby Brown
Allen Iverson
Keyshia Cole and her biological mother Frankie Frankie

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