When The Checks Stop Coming Hall Of Fame: How Much Were These People Worth Before They Went Broke?!

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How Much Were Celebrities Worth Before Going Broke?

We hate to see people go broke, whether they’re rich or poor. However, when rich people go broke, it confuses and baffles us. How did it happen? Where did their money go? What are they doing? Let’s take a look at some of the most unfathomable broke celebrities and how much money they were worth before hitting rock bottom.

Warren Sapp – He was worth $100 million before losing all of his money.

T.O. – He was worth a whopping $50 million before losing his team, his car and everything.

50 Cent, Mike Tyson and Kanye West pose backstage after the first performance of the Broadway play 'Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth' held at the Longacre Theatre.

Mike Tyson – He was worth a whopping $300 million before blowing it all…on stuff like lions.

Evander Holyfield Muhammad Ali's Celebrity Fight Night XIII

Evander Holyfield – He was worth $90 million before he went broke. A million illegitimate kids will ruin that.


MC Hammer – He lost $33 million in the early 90s. Yikes.

donald trump

Donald Trump – He lost a cool billion before going bankrupt…and earning it all back.

Toni Braxton – She went broke owing $50 million by the time she filed for bankruptcy.

Dame Dash – He was worth $50 million but ended up owing the government a ton of money and went flat broke.

Michael Jackson died 3 years ago today on June 25 2009

Michael Jackson – He died $400 million in debt despite being worth around a billion while alive.

Allen Iverson – He earned more than $200 million in the NBA then had to file for bankruptcy.


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