TwitterFiles: Teyana Taylor Sets Off Subliminal Twitter Beef With A Picture From Piff Puffin’ Rih-Rih’s Instagram Insinuating That Rihanna Bit Her Style!

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That Rihanna Navy is definitely a “ride or die” bunch…sheesh

Teyana Taylor Initiates Subliminal Twitter Beef With Rihanna

A few hours ago, G.O.O.D. Music’s first lady Teyana Taylor was casually perusing her Twitter timeline when she came across a picture that Rih-Rih sent from her Instagram page. In said picture Rihanna is rockining a snapback, open baseball jersey, exposed bra, and dark wayfarer sunglasses, holding a drink, with the caption “Me Being Me”. Teyana, well-known for rocking “boy clothes” similar to the outfit Robyn was wearing, retweeted the picture sans any additional commentary.

Although Teyana didn’t make any snide remarks, the implied message was “Really b!t$#?! How are you being YOU when you’re dressed like ME??”.

Apparently Rihanna’s Navy (fans) caught wind of the subliminal um-br-ella that Teyana was attempting to use to cover their beloved Queen with shade, and like loyal minions, they went in for the eKill. The results are the following tweets…

And last but not least…

Man, THAT one was a doozy.

Hit the flipper to see how Rih-Rih and Tey-Tey responded to all the rumblings…

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