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Meagan Good and her beau Thomas Jones kicked it earlier this week in NYC, and Kanye West and fiancée Alexis Phifer hit up the Intermix Store opening in LA.  For an arrogant prick, it looks like Kanye genuinely loves his girl, how sweet…

Meagan Good and Thomas Jones on the other hand, look like they got that savagery love going on, like he just look like he be blowing that back out for real.


  • brooklynchick

    aww thats soo cute!!

  • Ms. Dee (The All Powerful 1)

    These two couples are a beautiful picture. I hope they can keep it together, and I hope Thomas Jones can keep it moving on the field!!! Good luck to all of them!!!

  • Sammi

    Atleast Kanye despite being arrogant is setting an example by being with a black woman who is not a video hoe or the like! I really think they are cute together too….And the other two have really good sex! Black love is beautiful!

  • daria

    i love Kalexis

  • sunshinegirl

    Gosh, there are those earrings again!!!

  • Angel..V,(^.^)

    Cute pictures!

  • NorthernStar

    Kanye does look like he loves her, but something about their relationship just didn’t seem to make sense. Something’s off. We shall see.

  • Lady Architect

    Both couples look good together…congrats to them

  • Lili

    Awwww yay for Black love!

  • MsOpposite
  • MarieDaGuru

    Although I completely dislike Kanye and his attitude. Alexis looks like she may be the one human being that can actually make his mouth stay closed for a second. He really seems to love her and that is great.

  • MarieDaGuru



    You right about those earrings.

    I’m convinced they must hold the cure to cancer within them or something because Meagan just won’t be seen without them. To each his own I guess.

  • Kay Bay

    Meagan is looking High in all of her recent pics

  • Yes I Said It

    @Norhern Star… what doesnt make sense about their relationship? If he was engaged to a video hoe, would that make more “sense” to you? I dont get it.

  • cutie pie


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