Dude, Where’s My Barber? Blondilocks Breezy Strolls Through Soho And Post Pics Of Karrueche Rocking His Clothing Line [Photos]

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Some Soho struggle hair..

Chris Brown Spotted in Soho

Chris Brown was recently seen out and about in Soho looking a lot more like 2 dollars than a million bucks without a Karrueche or a shape-up in sight.

Bottle blonde Breezy threw a thumbs up and a piece sign for the cameras as he strolled out of his truck and through the streets of NYC.

We don’t blame Karrueche for not wanting to walk around with him….he just can’t seem to get to the root of the problem between the two of them…

More from Breezy and his black-n-blonde steez along with some Karruche-cakes in her boo thang’s clothing line on the flip

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