Shady Azz Spirit Airlines Caught Up In Lawsuit Over Fake “Mandatory” Passenger Fees

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Spirit Air just got dat azz caught in a crazy lie! The airline was reportedly enforcing phony passenger fees that were disguised as a mandatory Government charge! The lawsuit was filed by a Miami firm and it is asking a U.S. District Court to collect “unspecified civil damages and attorney’s fees” from the shady airline company.

The suit claims that between 2008 and August 2011 Spirit violated anti-racketeering laws to charge a passenger usage fee that the airline represented on its website under a list of government-imposed fees.
The fee, according to the suit, was simply a scheme to collect more money from passengers while advertising what appeared to be a low base fare.

The passenger usage fee ranged from $9 to $17 per flight segment, according to the suit, which also claimed that since 2008 the airline has collected about $40 million as a result of the fee.

“Spirit misleads customers to believe that the PUF [passenger usage fee] is an official government tax or fee when in fact the fee is nothing more than additional air fare because Spirit does not provide a bona fide service in exchange for the PUF,” the suit claims.

Spirit may offer discounted rates but is one of only two airlines that charges for services like carry-on luggage, which is free on others.

We hope these greedy fools and their terrible customer service get what they deserve.

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