What The Hell? Tea Party Extremist Claims There Is Evidence That President Obama Is On The Downlow

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Tea Party Extremist Claims President Obama Was Once Married To A Man

As the election nears, the “NoBama” bunch is going pretty hard with the smear tactics.

This week, it’s the good ol Tea Party claiming that President Obama was once married to his college roommate……who was a man.

Jerome Corsi, Tea Party activist and author, now asserts that president Obama is bisexual and was once married to man. Corsi, a birther, who authored The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality, claims he has compelling evidence that supports his theory that Obama was once married to his Pakistani roommate.

Corsi does not indicate whether Obama was married to Imad Husain, Obama’s freshman roommate at Occidental, Mohammed Hasan, or Wahid Hamid, the two other Pakistani men who were once roommates of the president.

Corsi has published photos of the president on 1776nation.com where, according to Corsi, it appears the president is wearing a wedding band. He also asserts that there was long-running joke among the president’s classmates at Harvard regarding the mysterious ring and why Obama wore it.

Now this is just ridiculous.  We wouldn’t be surprised if Michelle “Nutcase” Bachman was behind this….SMH.


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