TwitterFiles: Pilar Sanders Makes Subliminal Twitter Joke About Chad And Evelyn Dispute…Was She Wrong?

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Pilar Sanders Jokes On Twitter About Chad And Evelyn Domestic Dispute

Pilar Sanders  may have been a little too quick to react to the Chad and Evelyn Johnson domestic dispute news that hit the internet last night.

The attention-sloring soon to be ex-wife of former NFLer Deion Sanders, who is no stranger to the subject and is currently involved in a messy divorce of her own, took to her twitter last night to offer some “advice” to women involved in domestic violence disputes shortly after the news of Chad and Evelyn’s altercation broke.

While many of her followers laughed along with her, some felt that it was out of line, especially considering Pilar’s involvement in a highly publicized domestic violence incident with her estranged husband and children earlier this year.

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