Jamie Foxx Will Not Call Her Any Thing But Superhead

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Jamie calls it like he sees it. A rat. Nothing more and nothing less than a complete HO’. We see it that way too, Jamie. Peep Funk Master Flex pumping up his little R-Kelly beef he was woofing about a while back at the 2:50 mark. SMH


  • DaddyO


  • iluvprada


  • DaddyO

    just walked into that one…

  • Aunt Viv


  • iluvprada

    Almost DaddyO!

  • BlackLADYDoctor

    Jamie and his ilk should come out of the closet. I never liked his Mister Ed face. All those perverts knew superhead was mentally unstable. Most individuals who are sexually abused tend to act out, but it takes two. Pot meet Kettle.

  • BlackLADYDoctor

    Oh i forgot to mention Jamie you have a daughter…remember what goes around comes around.

  • http://comcast RMr.

    And that’s all that I will ever call that funky biiiiiiitch, Super-Head my hero….

  • nat

    i give flex props for speakin up about r.kelly. and for callin out other dudes for NOT speakin up. and jamie i just have no words for. he’s ignorant. he’s a joke.

  • Chanel Shades

    Before Jaime talk about Karrine he need to explain why he was staring at Plies booty and grabbing his crotch in the picture on crunktastical.com. I’m gone need for him to shut it up.



    I heard that interview on his Sirius Foxhole show when they did it and Karrine ho self held her ground against Gay Jamie..thats all im saying Karrine is stand up for yourself and dont let these mutha’s play you no more than you play yourself…he was takin that gay shyt personally.

  • http://comcast R.

    A lot of you bitces need to learn how to suck dick, that’s why you are always lowballed because you don’t embrace dick sucking..

  • Chanel Shades

    @ R.

    I know you are a man that loves men/ How much are the classes you offer this semester?

  • Crush on Joey B

    @ R

    I concur.

  • bg

    Men smoking penis is not cool. I take a female that bites before i shove my soul pole in a dude’s head

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