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Check out Ludacris and Kenny “Big Headed” Burns at the NABF Artistic Innovation Awards, which honored Big Boi. Dr Cornell West was there with his peanut brittle teeth on display. A number of other ATL elitist made the gig, like Tiny…



  • WOW


  • WOW

    Boris looks a little, HOW U DOIN?? in the photo of him alone. LOL. But I love him and Nicole together…cute couple.

  • http://www.theresumeking.com THERESUMEKING

    I guess Money couldn’t even help Tiny.. Yuck!!!1 LOL

  • Chanel Shades

    I am gonna go ahead and keep my comments to myself about the ATL-elite comment becasue I am going to need to see a current resume or some paystubs that qualify any of these fools for A list status.

  • Chanel Shades

    ^^ Not including Luda, becasue he stays working.

  • Chanel Shades



    LOL…well WTF i have a black button up with ruffles on the front like that except its tight in the middle and bell out down the bottom..WHY is his similar?
    Im sure Cornell West breath stink

  • BlackLADYDoctor

    Cornel West breath doesn’t stink…however, I have never awoken to his breathe in the morning. How can you disrespect Dr. West? He’s a true blue black intellect. I suggest reading breaking bread by Dr. West and bell hooks, perhaps some of you will learn how to respect your elders.

  • Aunt Viv

    I love Ludacris

  • Mr. TastyCakes

    @ BlackLADYDoctor (aka c@cksucker)

    Shut up, ho! It’s a free world and people can say whatever the f@ck they want, you slack jawed b!tch.

  • chaka1

    Boris could lure me right out of my panties…
    Tiny never looks pulled together. How many colors are in her hair????


    Thank you BlackLADYDoctor

    …..but Ill take Tony Browder, Texe Marrs, Firpo W Carr, Terrence Jackson…got any of those…okay get on that level then holla at me..

    thank for coming through the house of PURPPLE though.

  • MACK


  • kahmmillion

    Big head and buddy behind him fione!!!


    daaamn big boi lookin very good these days and Nicole & Boris looked like they smoked they lungs out before they stepped in the scene .. she look FUCCCKED UP

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