Oprah And Tyra Are Getting That Paper

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Forbes Magazine has listed the 20 top earners in television. Of course Oprah is topping that list bringing in $260 million, and little wannabe Oprah, Tyra Banks is no. 12 racking in $18 million. Go head, ladies, get money!



  • NAIS

    happy to see them get that paper..Tyra still annoys the hell outta me tho

  • AND...


    Wow. First Oprah is in her 50’s. Child bearing years are over. Second, Oprah and Tyra do what you do. I am proud to see two black women on top of their game. Third Oprah has a college degree and Tyra has traveled the world 10 times over with her high school diploma.

  • princess07

    You go girls……..I just love me some Tyra.

  • http://whoseamerica.blogspot.com daria

    Get that money! I’m happy for both of them. Of course they do some things that annoys me. After all, you can’t please everybody and they are human, but I respect both of them. They work hard and they deserve it and more!


    Its cool to see sistahs doing there thing. With all this negativity being thrown at black woman today this is uplifting. Maybe STUPID HEAD oops I mean SUPER HEAD will take some notes

  • DC tap water

    I have heard of women having kids in their 50’s…Plus I heard O was raped…maybe she dont want any…Tyra will never catch up to O’s money….NEVER!

  • Buttercup

    $260 million – more than what Diddy, Jay and 50 did combined.

  • MarieDaGuru

    happy to see them get that paper..Tyra still annoys the hell outta me tho


    You snatched the words right outa my mouth.

  • Natasha

    Tyra is getting paid to reinforce racism and sexism. She is a fool but Bill ‘O Reilly can’t hold down the fort by himself. I hate that stupid ghetto talk she puts on when talking to a black person. How insulting? Ghetto is a lifestyle not a race of people, get that through your huge head.

    Money means nothing when you don’t have the power.

    Oprah is the ‘mammy image’ they love.

    Tyra has the european features they praise.

    Not impressed.

    And please stop referring to black women as ‘sistas’. We are caring and desirable to men who appreciate our beauty. I have enough siblings, thanks.

  • http://www.viewparkonline.com Angie

    Tyra’s mouth can get on my nerves, but I’m not going to be mad at two women getting rich without having to marry someone or have a baby by them. Make your own money is what my Daddy always said. I’ll be on that list one day.

  • Natasha


    You’re so right. Sometimes when you are frustrated, you fail to see the good. There should be much said about any sucessful women who makes her own way without abusing marital or societal structures like child support checks to gain wealth.

    I am proud of their accomplishments and I know it will inspire more to ‘get that paper’.


    If you check your history you will learn that we all come from the same mother. Your mother came from that mother her moter came from that mother ect….. So in reality we are all BROTHAS and SISTAHS or to be politcally correct BROTHERS AND SISTERS. Before responding with a negative response learn you history. MY SISTAH

  • Not You

    All that money and STILL nobody wants Tyra!!

    Oooohh, that was mean.

    ((putting myself in time-out))

  • Natasha

    Learn your history?


    Spare me. Your explanation is hilarious. It was probably the biggest duh ever. And one plus one is two.

    I think people in the trailer parks use the same one to justify modern historical actions.

    Your comment really made my day though.

    Hopefully, you will think about why I may not agree with being called a sista or sister.

    I don’t want to date my brother, thanks. I hold feminine and romantic attributes which should be appreciated.

  • Not You

    @ Natasha

    Oprah is one fly ass mammy! I like Oprah. She’s sensible, she carries herself well, she stays outta foolishness, etc.

    And Tyra’s features don’t look European to me. Her body was, back in the day (big tatas, skinny body), but she’s filled out since then. Tyra annoys me too.

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