Dear Bossip: I’ve Been Sleeping With My Sister’s Fiance & His Best Friend & I’m Pregnant

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Dear Bossip,

My sister and I stay in the same apartment building.

She’s engaged to a man she’s been with for 10 years. She has two kids by him already. Okay here’s the dilemma: I’ve been sleeping with him for the past 6 years and my son who is 5 years old is his son but he does not know.

My sister doesn’t know that we have been having an affair. My sister and her fiancé have been living together for about as long as the affair has been going on. It actually started when he moved into the building. My sister works 10 hours a day and is barely home so he comes by my apartment on his lunch breaks and we have sex. The worst part about this is that his best friend and I have been together for two years. His best friend does not know that he and I have been having an affair.

Also, I think I’m pregnant but I don’t know who the father is. To make matters worse, my sister and her man have fallen on hard times and are staying with me until they get financially situated. His best friend has been there for me for a while now after I got divorced from my first husband. My ex-husband and I got divorced because I found out that he’s sleeping around with a few of my family members behind my back including my sister. And, I suspect that my ex-husband is the father to her two kids. He comes around a lot, but most times it’s just to see my sister and her kids. The birth certificate doesn’t have the father’s name listed on it either. He even brings her pampers and milk from time to time.  He was even at the hospital both times when she gave birth to both of them. One of her son’s is 4 and the other is 7.

It’s really hard to keep the affair going while he lives in the same house with my sister and me. So what do you think I should do? P.S. Thanks for reading my letter giving me advice on my situation. – A Girl In Love

Dear Ms. A Girl A Love,

Stands, walks away from the computer, and shakes my head.

Girl, I had to take a break and gather my bearings. I can’t believe that I just read what I read. This right here! Whew! I can’t! I won’t! I shall not!

I have no words or piece of advice for you. You are a trifling piece of –ish. As a matter of fact all of you are trifling procreating donkeys who deserve one another.

The level of healing, redemption, and reconciliation necessary for this filthy, despicable, unhealthy, and nasty a** wretched triangle will take an act of God.

You’re wrong. Simply wrong for sleeping with your sister’s fiancé, and then doing it right under her nose, and on top of that they are in your home and you’re still carrying on the affair with her fiancé while sleeping with his best friend, AND, you’re pregnant and don’t know who the father is!!! WOW! You have created a new low for women. You are a gutter low-down dirty bish!

I want you to look at the situation and ask yourself these questions: What is in this for you? What are you gaining in sleeping with your sister’s fiancé? Why are you doing this? Do you feel you are hurting your sister, your boyfriend, your children, and yourself by your actions? Are you not concerned with those involved, and have you thought of the repercussions? Do you value your life? Do you respect yourself? Do you respect your sister?

I’m going to be done with you because I truly don’t have time for this –ish tuhday! This in-house sexual tryst is nothing but a breeding ground of insanity, mistrust, unloved, hateful, and emotional and mental instability. It’s obvious that you are not in your right mind. You can’t be. To be doing what you are doing and keeping this going on for years on years, creating children with each other’s men, and acting like this nothing to you truly is a sign of a mentally unstable person.

It’s imperative that you get into a professional therapy session, and seek psychological help. You need more than me, and Bossip. You need some Jesus, holy water, laying of hands, and the whole congregation praying for you. Please get some help and begin the work on getting to the root of the layers that obviously have blinded your judgment, and clouded your sense of morality. You’re in pain, hurting, and emotionally and mentally damaged. There’s hope, but you have to want to be willing to change and get the help you so deserve and need. – Terrance Dean

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