Facebook: Kid Haters Can Now Block Their Friends’ Precious Baby Photos With Dogs, Cats Or Bacon

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Unbaby.Me Chrome Extension Changes Facebook Friends Baby Pictures To Dogs And Objects

Do you want your Facebook feed to be baby free?

A new website, unbaby.me, offers a chrome extension that deletes babies from your news feed permanently––by replacing them with “awesome stuff.” The default choices for replacement are cats, puppies or bacon.

Chris Baker, 29, a copywriter in Manhattan, said in an interview with The New York Times that the idea arose from a conversation with his former co-workers lamenting that their Facebook feeds were being hijacked by oversharing parents.

“It’s like a certain part of the brain gets activated where they feel this crushing desire to share with the world their little creations,” Mr. Baker is quoted as saying.

Are y’all into this? Or is it going a bit too far? People do tend to OD with their baby photos.


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