Just…Stop For A Minute: A Gallery Of People We’d Like To Shut The Hell Up For A Few Months

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Stevie J and Joseline at Mansion Elan

A Gallery Of People We Want To Stop Talking

You ever want to just tell someone to shut the hell up? We’re sure you have. Unfortunately, when it comes to celebrities we can just scream at our television sets or computer screens. We’d much rather just tell them to stop lying or stop blabbering because it’s driving us crazy!

Here are celebrities that make us want to do this:

bb shut up

Kris Humphries parties with friends in Miami Beach.

Kris Humphries – He’s still talking about Kanye and Kim. Shut it up and go about your business homie.

Skip Bayless – The LeBron hating and Tebow slurping has gotten quite old.

Funkmaster Flex

Funkmaster Flex – His rants are the worst part of the radio. Just play the music and shut it.

Stevie J and Joseline at Mansion Elan

Stevie J. and Joseline – They’re the most annoying couple in reality. Just stop it.

Rick Ross – It’s all grunts and lies about being a correctional officer. If you’re gonna lie then just stop talking.

DJ Khaled – His songs would be 2,000 times better if he stopped screaming the whole time.

Sarah Palin – This chick still around? She hasn’t gone away yet?

Drake – We get it. You love Aaliyah. But now it’s getting weird. Sit back for a bit.


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