Vivica Fox and Her Receding Hairline Plead Not Guilty

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Vivica Fox was charged with a DUI earlier this year and is now pleading not guilty. Vivica’s blood alcohol level was .09 with it just a little bit over the legal limit of .08 when she was caught speeding on a LA freeway back in March.

Drunk? .01 over the legal limit is hardly drunk. She was probably just rushing home to to take that wig piece off and be free. We still love Viv, though she looks weird as a knifed up hurricane victim in her role as Loretta Black in the current season of HBO’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”



  • NAIS

    i heard someone call her hairdo a skullet yesterday! that was classic!

  • camcam781

    lol..she is soooo wrong for that…lol

  • Nessa

    She looks like Spock from starwars

  • Shasta

    I hope she is saving some $$$ or starts producing, cause she is TIRED and Hollyweird don’t want to see black ladies over 40.

  • Ceeville

    After catching her reflection in the mirror, Viv became so upset she grabbed one of the 40s from her fridge. She then attempted and drink herself into a state of “denile”. “I’m not a chicken head! I’m not a chicken head!” Viv, screamed.

  • MsOpposite

    she was so pretty when she started out. hollywood has done something to her.

  • BBGurl

    Ummmm….is it me or is she starting to look alot like Lil Kim??

  • helltothanaw

    Why Viv, why??? you used to be so fly… This is not a good look for her.

  • Guilty Pleasure


    I am dying over here……….LMAO

  • vachick

    knifed up hurricane victim? ummmm that was corny

  • loveyoulongtyme

    She didn’t even need the surgery. She was aging just fine. The sad thing is she got the surgery to look younger and keep getting work. Now her face is so strange lookin directors don’t want to hire her. She lost work regardless.


    Hey Nessa, Spock is from Star Trax, but you right she does look like him. That was classic



  • yes

    she seriously need to do sumthin bout that, her head aint sposed to be smooth like that that far back! and she got the nerve to have her head out there in public for all to see, i would be so shame

    see what bein weavalicious will do to ya! its not worth it in the long run

  • Dark Cable

    dayum…. Star Trek not Star Trax not Star Wars

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