Psychos! A Gallery Of The Craziest Celebrity Stalkers Of All Time

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Craziest Celebrity Stalkers

What do you consider stalking? A few too many Facebook likes or "follow back" requests from Twitter? Yeah, well some people take it a bit further than that. Actual stalkers go all the way to crazytown when it comes to celebrities. Just take a look at these stalkers that went all the way, raising the stakes on what it means to be a crazy stalker.
Mark David Chapman - He takes the cake. Dude stalked John Lennon and went so far as to assassinate him!
Zentil Vanzellas - He just got out of the clink for trying to follow Rihanna around the world. But now he's in her city!
John Hinckley - He stalked Jodie Foster and shot President Reagan to impress her. Didn't quite work.
Dawnette Knight - She was obsessed with Michael Douglas and wanted to kill Catherine Zeta-Jones for getting in the way.
William Lepeska - He swam across a gulf to be with Anna Kournikova. And that freaked her out.
Savannah McMillan-Christmas - Remember her walking on the court in the playoffs last season? She was looking for Kenyon Martin!
Paul Jones - He posed as a worker for John Gotti and threatened to go on a killing spree if MJ didn't hang out with him.
Gwyneth Paltrow's Stalker - She said at one point a guy was writing her five poems a day and sending her adult flicks too. Romantic.
Drake - His Aaliyah thing is muy weird. Just sayin...

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