Random Ridicuousness: Louis Vuitton Birthday Cakes

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We don’t know why this seems ridiculous, but it just does. T.I., Weezy, and Jeezy all celebrated their Libra birthdays together at their “Untouchables” event in Atlanta. Lil’ Wayne’s cake (process of elimination was used since Young Jeezy’s was a snowman and T.I.’s was a crown) was shaped like a Louis Vuitton bag, which immediately made us think of Janet Jackson’s three-tier LV luggage cake JD got her for her 40th birthday party.

Photos from the “Untouchables” event:


More photos from the event right about now…


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  • sunnyd76

    Although not my taste, Janet’s cake looks nice. Weezy’s looks just as bootleg as knock off bag.

  • TT


  • ms. complexity


  • Bahama Mama


  • Mississippi Girl

    Janet’s cake looks like a real LV bag! Weezy’s look like one of those authenic bags!! The party looks ghetto and wack as hell!

  • Landie

    Yes foolish , black folk cooning for a French brand that laughs at them behind their backs. SMDH. Note to black people LVMH thinks ‘we’re” classless and banal. and I am starting to believe what they say. SMDH

  • Pervster

    COONTASTIC! When will our mindsets ever grow..

  • nuffsaid

    Landie, I’m with you. SMH.

  • The Real Essence 1

    Those cakes are so ostentatious & pretentious.

    Is it the snob in me that thought it was not so much for Janet Jackson to have such a grandiose cake?-perhaps.

    But when you look at the 2 cakes Janet’s look like hers was crafted by an official cake master while the other looks un-authentic just like the knock off sold on Canal street come on…the letters look lopsided!

  • Eye

    I am sure those cakes were nasty. The play-do they use to make those cakes tastes like pancake mix!

  • Khalisa

    Who dressed TI in that Charlie Chaplin outfit? Not a good look. Tiny looks cute though (if you just look real fast at her face!) Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Sandy

    People!!! they’re only cakes!!! we can have our cake look any way we choose, my goodness yall are buggin.!!!

    T.I. stay reppin his girl, I ain’t mad at him, either!

  • kain


  • Guilty Pleasure


    Do NOT use this as your wedding cake!!!!!!!!


  • lacyd

    Anybody watch the food network chanel where they have those cake challenges? Half of the time, they don’t even make the cakes to taste good, but to only look good. I wouldn’t want to eat one of those prettier than me cakes because the makers are waaaaay too hands on with them. They use fondot (sp) and like someone said, it’s like play-dough.

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