D-List Love: Was Keyshia Cole Just a Side Deal?

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More drama is unfolding in the Keyshia Cole/Young Jeezy break-up story. Keyshia recently stated in Essence that a former boyfriend proposed and she turned him down, didn’t want to commit blah, blah, blah.

Jeezy’s response to her comments was simply that she couldn’t possibly be talking about him and that it was “publicity” season. Apparently, the Snowman had an ongoing relationship with another woman named Mialy (pictured above) for 4 years and Keyshia was just his side deal when they were together.

Well at least she finally let that two-timing bastard go, and is keeping it moving and making songs about it.

Image via Sandra Rose


  • esso


  • syndi

    So let me get this right, he proposed to his jump off? That’s a first! Good for her for letting him go.

  • ladyd

    Well men will treat you the way you all them to treat you!! (That goes for people in general) And obviously it doesn’t matter how much dough a person can have they can def go through the bs if they let it happen.

    Be Blessed! :)

  • http://www.myspace.com/cutemama007 cutemama007

    he looks greasy and smelly. gag

  • ImpressMe

    KeKe You good by me baby girl. Keep making them hits girl. “I love Let It go” and that other girl wasn’t about nothing no way apparently she knew about you and still stay with him. Wow I can’t wait until “black women don’t listen” post. Speak on It!

  • Uuggh

    He’s ugly anyway.

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  • http://www.birdthecouchpotato.blogspot.com Bird

    Kee Kee slipped up. No big deal, she moved on from it. One thing she has over Mialy is her own money and fame so she doesn’t have to sit around and stand for being played publicly. Before I even heard about his jumpoff I was glad Keysha got out of that relationship. I have not respected that man (and I use the term extremely loosely) since I found out he was spending more on jewelry than on his child that was lanquishing in the ghetto. Mialy needs to dump his ass too.



  • Roni

    He was probably willing to leave the old girl for Keyshia. He had to go running back to her because Keyshia wasn’t STUPID!

    He is ugly as hell anyway.

  • NAIS

    OMG he is so lame. If he was so unfazed by Keyshia’s comments he would never have issued a response, she didnt name names so.. like my granny says: “if u throw a rock at a pack of dogs, the one that yells is the one you hit”

  • moe

    I just saw that girl Mialy in the movie “Life Support” with Queen Latifah.

    If she really is with him I agree she should move on too.

    Both of them can do much better.

  • http://www.creditrepairtalk.blogspot.com Creditlady

    Man this story was FIRST released by Sandra Rose. Please give her her props and check out her blog for the real scoop on this story. She knows this firsthand! She didn’t just post up someone elses story and just say she got the pic from there!!!!!!


    Now only if Jeezy smartens up and makes an album …not too swift I guess lol. Keep making that $$ Keesh!!! Everyone goes through “stages” life, if she was the side piece she learned and moved on thats the important thing…growth.. so is life. If all of this is true lets hope a light bulb goes off for the “main” chic. she needs to smarten up and leave as well.


    Props to My home town girl Keisha. Thats how we do it in the Town we dont get played We do the playin. Oaklands in the house

  • ankie

    Keyshia Cole is way hot, to hot for Jeezy anyway.

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