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Diddy talking to a door girl at GoldBar in NYC after she asked how many people he was with:

You fu*kin bi*tch

You know there is more to the story. You know how those door people can get out of pocket at a club. Put em’ in their place.


  • syndi

    That’s so unfair, I want the rest of the story!!!!

  • LaSabre84

    People are always using they looks to get what they want!

  • Relle

    Diddy is such an a$$. I knew I didn’t like him for a reason. The girl was just doing her job. That’s the problem, he’s so arrogant he thinks he deserves special treatment everywhere he goes. She should have cursed his no-rappin’, music sampling, no talent a$$ out right back. Jerk.

  • you lost one

    Diddy: Once again proving that money cannot buy class..

  • Black Velveteen

    Yeah, I bet if it was a brotha at the door, he was have thought twice before saying some ish like that. Fvcking ignorant jerk off, with his stank ass breaf. Yuck. I would have spat in that mofo’s face too.

  • txshawty

    lol @ ‘dolphin teef’…{shakes head b/c ‘Flipper’ is stuck in there} lol

  • cutemama007

    yeah look at me! im in charge of a door. and,i have a clipboard, a pen, and an ear piece, so yeah, im extra important now. and ur not on the list so poof! :rolls eyes:

  • http://www.myspace.com/cutemama007 cutemama007

    i mean diddy’s behavior really doesnt bother me. i like the guy. but some of those door people act like they work for the secret service. at least they do in hollywood.

  • Shasta

    Maybe Cassie ain’t giving brains for tracks- does she have any tracks? Maybe she is just no good at either….

  • IBW-Ideal Black Woman

    Just niggerish

  • helltothanaw

    I meant to say: “should have let his ass have it”…

  • http://www.birdthecouchpotato.blogspot.com Bird

    I swear I just figured this out in recent months but he is so insecure that it doesn’t make sense. He craves the spotlite like no one I have ever seen before other than maybe Superhead. Him and 50 make me have that much more respect Jay who isn’t talkin all the damn time or publicly humiliating his woman. That’s a man. Those other two idiots must be struggling with penile dysfunction or something.

  • BlacWomenJustDontListen

    Some of you females should attempt to try to get into that spot, based on your comments Im sure yall will have a lot more to say. Diddler is an ass but too many clubs on the coasts are rude and disrespectful to black folk even the big time celebs. Sometimes u got to let these “actors” at the door remember their position on the food chain.

  • catfish

    Go Diddy. Let em have it for all the voiceless working class black men. I’m glad some black man has the courage and resources to fight the agents and the gate keepers of this system. Some things black women just can’t understand.

  • tootie

    I totally love have the girl said ‘people’ and not women. how u doin’ diddy!

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