The Smith Family Goes to the Movies

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The Smith Family

Will, Jada, lil’ Jaden and Willow headed out for the premiere of “The Day the Earth Stood Still” and as usual, they all looked good. Check out that tiny cutie, Jada, looking like her character, Ronnie, from Menace II Society with those braids. Nice.

More pics of the Smith family and Jada’s ageless mom when you…
Jada Pinkett-SmithWillow, Will, and Jaden SmithWill SmithJaden Smith

Adrienne Banfield (Jada's mom), Willow and Jada


  • JOEY B (santa claus asked congress for bailout money)

    will n jada look good together

  • GeGe

    What a beautiful freekin family!!!

  • Baby Girl

    how old is her mama.

  • Talley-B (if you need a favor, hit ya Govenor up...i'm pretty sure he will do it. smh)

    nice looking folks, i must agree. strong family is what will get us on track, as a community, and as a nation….

  • ChatManGuy


  • Re

    Aww…so beautiful. I love seeing families stick together…

  • Switchhitter

    they always lookin good. im surprised they still together. i do think they have a open marriage and that dont usually work out.

  • kahmmillion

    Jada’s face looks like brick…

    Cute family!

  • Switchhitter


    lol. yeah jada do got that hard ass look on lock. she need to gain like 20 pounds or so and she would look more lady like.

  • Peace

    The boys hair is begging a good cut, and the girl looks like a little pixie boy. However, what a great family, and will smith is a true strong black man, one of my few only hopes that good black men are out there in the world….somewhere.

  • Talley-B (if you need a favor, hit ya Govenor up...i'm pretty sure he will do it. smh)

    damn, yall are the most critical folks ever on this blog site….damn, everyone in this picture is as perfect as they need to be, no one needs to gain any wait, no one needs a haircut. everybody is a ‘good look’ as usual….

  • Talley-B (if you need a favor, hit ya Govenor up...i'm pretty sure he will do it. smh)

    i meant weight…

  • Vee

    Morning Peeps. They look great–like ol’ money in that pic :-)

  • understanding

    I think I’m about as proud of Will and Jada as I am of Barack and Michelle. I mean they constantly hold it down and seem 2 be a good old fashioned Black Family doin’ their thing. I mean granted Will is an Ultra, Mega Star but I think that’s what makes seeing out and about with the wifey and the kids that much more gratifying. RESPECT 2 Big Will and Jada.

  • Peace

    @Talley B the picture would be more perfect if I shoved that boney ass Jada out of the way, and stuck my big head in the pictures as Will SMith’s new wife and step mommy lololol and I would cut the boys hair, well atleast remove it from his face lolol

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