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The hottest chick in the game, Michelle Obama, speaking on her husbands campaign in Iowa:

“Iowa will make the difference,” she said. “If Barack doesn’t win Iowa, it is just a dream. If we win Iowa then we can move to the world as it should be. And we need your help in making that happen.”

Yeah, Bossip is ridin’ with Obama and we were out early.

Hillary needs to fall the Fu*k back. Messy Jesse Jackson too!


  • http://yahoo.com melvin s

    good to see black love in its finest.

  • Yes I Said It

    Not a smart comment on her part. If Obama loses in Iowa he can still win it all. America is a diverse countrty but Iowa is 95% white, so they probably wont vote a black man in. Still, he can still win in other more racially diverse states even if he loses Iowa.

    With all due respect, Michelle needs to not be making comments like that. She can end up doing more harm than good to her husband’s campaign.

  • http://www.birdthecouchpotato.blogspot.com Bird

    I think it might be their strategy. Michelle’s statements can make the Iowa folks feel important. They can feel like his candidacy is riding on them.

  • ray ray

    Her words attest to the importance of Iowa in their understanding and are not necessarily a “death knell” to his campaign. I think it is a good rallying call to supporters at this point.

    He has my vote ’cause I am tired of the paternalism (special interests) in congress and it’s exactly what Hillary represents.

  • nahnah

    ray ray:

    obama is simply a congress critter himself. he is no differnt from the rest. i don’t believe he can make a difference in anything. sorry

  • http://whoseamerica.blogspot.com daria

    She is right and they will lose. It’s not his time.

  • ray ray


    I appreciate the engagement. My criticism doesn’t exlude the fact that Obama is a politician with limitations and agendas like others. For me it is a matter of emphasis in terms of the direction the country needs to move at this point. Our democracy is designed to be perpetually self-correcting when it works at it’s best and I think Obama’s agendas (and John Edward’s) are best for the country at this moment in history. At this point, the power and influence of these major corporations need to be curtailed.

  • bee

    It is his time. Do you understand how smart and intelligent a black man in this country has to be to do the things that he is accomplishing now. Just the fact that he has raised enough money to compete with anybody is crazy.

    This man is the truth. I don’t really understand who would want to go in after Bush, because, they have alot of cleaning up to do.

    But as far as getting our foreign policy back on track he is the man. The majority of the country looks like us. He is going to be the one to straighten that mess out in Iraq. Obviously we can’t pull out. But I think people in the middle east would be more willing to listen to someone name Barrak Obama than a Hilary Clinton, John Edwards, Mitt Romney, or a Juliani.

  • Delta Diva

    I think everybody is having this false impression that Obama or any democrat that wins will be able to reverse all the damage that Bush has done. It will take more than four years to fix his eight year mess people. Also if Congree and the house is full of Republicans then it will still be harder for Barack, Clinton, Edwards, or whoever wins to change things….Getting a new president is only a quick fix to the problems were are having. A new president will have to start from scratch.

  • nahnah

    @ ray ray:

    i’m curious to know what it is about him that you like so much? in other words, what are the most important things for you and of course america right now.

    i don’t like obama’s take on foreign policies. it is very similiar to bush’s policy, as i’ve always felt, and rightly so, that democrats and republics are virtually the same when it comes to foreign policies.

    and you may and may not agree that shady foreign policy causes a huge neglect of the american people, as all focus is on wars and conclicts.

  • kelis

    I love them together. That is a great example of a black couple.

  • Ashley

    I’m black and I live in Iowa. Even though white is the minority in my state, you would really be suprised how many people support him. He has large and very active campaign centers, who are ran by white people. I guess I was unaware how important Iowa was, but it wouldn’t shock me at all if he won the state. He has my vote!

  • http://greatmindsthinklikemerainlillie.blogspot.com/ rainlillie

    The media has pushed Obama and Clinton out front, because they know that it will be easier for the GOP to go after those two. See, I’ve learned from the last election, pay close attention to the candidate that is attacked the most early on. Last time the media and the GOP went after Dean with everything that they had, until they finally knocked him down.

    Kerry wasn’t really trashed until he officially became the nominee. If we follow that pattern, that means that Edwards is the strongest candidate running on the Democratic side. His haircut has gotten more attention than Rudy’s claims about being at ground zero the same amount of time as the 911 rescue workers.

    My hope is the Democrats won’t make the same mistake they made last time around and pick someone that the GOP can easily “swiftboat.” In a perfect world I would support Kucinich, because I know that he Paul, and Gravel are the only people running who are telling the American people the cold, hard truth..But realistically I know that he can’t win, so until Gore announces that he’s going to run, I’m going to support Edwards..Only because I think he has the best chance to win.

    Being that we are at war Hilary can’t win,, there’s no way men and some women would entrust the security of our country to a woman, that’s just the way that it is and Obama, being as charming as he is, lacks experience and America still has a lot to overcome when it comes to issues of race. If Democrats are smart they’ll go for who can win , not necessarily who they like best.

  • http://greatmindsthinklikemerainlillie.blogspot.com/ rainlillie


    Ron Paul has the best foreign-policy plan I’ve ever heard.

  • velle

    Obama’s foriegn policy 101

    Well nah nah first and foremost where in the hell are you coming up with your comparison between Bush and Obama? You must really have it twisted, and I’m wondering if you fell into the Clinton propaganda trap that was set as soon as she said he was naïve and inexperienced. Inexperienced is when you fail to read the pre war in Iraq intelligence report before you placed your vote to authorize Bushes war. Now Obama from day one said the war was a mistake, and spoke about the humanitarian problems that could and did come after we invaded Iraq. !

    My question to you is where are you coming up with your information, and please list all comparisons. Obama wants to talk to the nations we have issues with Bush wants to bomb them. Iran, Cuba, and Venezuela they all call Bush the devil. Bush does not want to attack Bin Laden if he has intelligence of his whereabouts in Pakistan Obama does. Obama sated that if we have intelligent information on Bin Laden and the prime minister of Pakistan won’t act, WE WILL! Now from just reading your response I could just tell you only read CNN headlines. When it’s obvious that the media, leading Democratic and Republicans do not want Obama to win. And just recently Bin Laden threatened the Pakistani prime minister, one move that the media called a gaffe. That doesn’t look so much like a gaffe after that came out now does it.

    Obama wants to break down the perception these Muslim countries have of the US. They feel that we are the crusade that hates Muslims. Obama is a man that lived across sees and saw first hand how people view Americans. That right there is a quality no president in the history of this country has. When Obama went to Kenya he was treated like a rock star he is an icon, someone this world has never seen. Foreign policy is his greatest strongest asset, and maybe with a little studying you will understand my point! He wants to implement a Muslim relations organization whose main goal is to educate Muslim’s on America, and in turn educate America about the Muslim countries.

    Another difference Bush, Hillary, Romney all feel nuclear war heads should never be taken off the table when it comes to foreign discussions, and or policies for dealing with troubled nations. But we expect other countries to shut there sh** down. Well how do we have this right? We are not the police of the world and Obama understands that. He wants nukes off the table get rid of them, why do we need something that can destroy the planet? Makes sense right? Well Bush, Hillary and the Romminator think feel otherwise. So if you were going to compare foreign policies I think you picked the wrong candidate. Obama is for all people he’s looking to unify the world not just Americans. And if you would have done your research I doubt you would have made that poor comparison.

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