McCain Made Joe The Plumber Feel “Dirty”

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Joe Plumber

Joe the Plumber has that, not so fresh feeling, all of a sudden. Being that McLame got his ass whooped in the race, Joe is expressing how wrong the old man made him feel after getting boned on his Election Bus:

How John McCain could make anyone feel “dirty” is beyond us, but that’s what Joe the Plumber is alleging today. In an interview, as Politico notes, Joe Wurzelbacher says being on McCain’s bus made him angry and some of the discourse “appalled” him. He says he felt “dirty” after “being on the campaign trail and seeing some of the things that take place.” The unlicensed plumber adds, for good measure, he thinks Barack Obama is “dangerous” and Sarah Palin is “the real deal.

Like we give a flying chimp’s ass about what Dirty Joe thinks about our main man, Obama. The only thing he needs to be thinking about is how he’s going to pass that damn test to get his plumber’s license. F*cking fraud.



  • kahmmillion

    Yeah, right….he was enjoying it….He just wanted to a piece of Palin….

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    Someone tell this whiteboy get the fcuk outta here!

  • Nina Knows

    He’s the devil just like the rest of them.

  • WakeUPeople

    I can see KKK on his forehead!!

  • Lady Architect

    He sounds dumb. Did anyone pay attention to how illiterate this man sounds? All that crap he talked and he is an illegal plumber and cheats taxes by not joining the union. Sarah Palin probably gave him some which is why she’s considered the real deal.

  • JOEY B (santa claus asked congress for bailout money)

    lol @Nina Knows

    tru dat tru dat!

  • BE

    Joe the plunger please go sit down!

    He thinks Sarah Palin is the real deal – enough said..please go have a seat with Elizabeth Hasseldumb!

  • Creole Baby Thinks the Pop Champagne Video is Gay

    joe the rim washer pops champagne — homo

  • Aunt Viv

    GTFOH Joe

  • shavondenise

    I knew the first time I saw his Mr. Clean looking a$$ that he was an undercover racist. America is so dumb! Putting this clown in the forefront talking about he represents the average American but now he thinks Obama is dangerous??? Thats nuts. Change has occured and all these old thinking, racist goons arent in control anymore and its a new day. We(people who believe in the REAL ideals of America) are in control now. Like the old school song says….”Aint no stopping us now, we’re on the move”

  • HF

    Y’all notice how Sarah Palin and Joe the dumber r trying 2 extend their 15 minutes? Talk about m’fers who r struggling 2 avoid becoming Trivial Pursuit answers.

    Damn, just follow McCain’s lead like u 2 have always done and FADE…

  • Vee

    @ shavon-that’s right: he’s just a racist backwoods sore-loser. Period.

  • Aunt Viv

    Hi Vee :)

  • Special K

    he should have felt dirty for being on the wrong campaign bandwagon don’t feel dirty now that you all lost by such a wide margin!

  • Vee

    Hey Auntie Viv!

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