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Presidential candidate John Edwards talking about Black kids getting caught up in violence:

“We start with the president of the United States saying to America, ‘we cannot build enough prisons to solve this problem. And the idea that we can keep incarcerating and keep incarcerating — pretty soon we’re not going to have a young African-American male population in America. They’re all going to be in prison or dead. One of the two.”



  • Beautiful Blue Eyed Angel


  • nahnah

    i agree with him – though i question his sincerity! but i’m pretty sure he’s out for some brownie points (pun intended)!

  • Beautiful Blue Eyed Angel

    I definitely don’t think it was sincere….Where is the solution John Edwards? It’s like a hypothetical statement without a solution..

  • Jahpson

    im surprised his wife didnt answer the question. she has been doing more talking for him.

  • T

    The quote above is a perfect example of how misleading an incomplete quote is when not seen in context. People don’t bury your heads in the sand like ostriches and be reactionary for no reason. Too many of us black folks know way too many of our young brothers who are in prison, have been to prison or are on the way back to prison or to their death. So before we start jumping all of John Edwards who is saying that there has to be a better way to solve the problems that are causing our young brothers to choose the wrong path than to just build more an more prisons, we need to listen to what he is saying. Really listen… not just hear buzz words and start calling him a racist. John Edwards may not be the answer to our communities problems, but he sure seems to understand them better than those who came before him. At least he knows that building more and more prisons and filling them up with our young brothers isn’t a solution to anything!

  • moxpoe1

    he could have come off as more sincere had he referenced us to the native americans. We’re gonna end up like them. Our numbers are going to drop while we continue benefitting from a social system that creates and stokes a cycle of self-destruction.

  • start somewhere

    he’s right. he’s absolutely right. good to hear someone (of any race) addressing the issue of race and incarceration in this country. after centuries of ongoing injustices committed against black people, incarceration has become the band-aid solution to american racial guilt and fear of retaliation.

  • leah

    That is what white Americans want. I do agree w/ him though.

  • JRiddles

    T, I agree that building more prisons isn’t the solution. Building or creating ways to help them not to fill the prisons is key. It starts from the time these men were young boys. I know firsthand that the justice system was not made for us. Us as in African-Americans. And worse if u aren’t wealthy or got a ‘lil’ money.

    NahNah, we know that white collar crackies exist. They go to work everyday and kiss their wives goodbye everyday. They aren’t targeted. You are so right. I feel like Balck people are at a disadvantage from birth. People who thought that that was ignorant, should swallow their words. Look at the Jena 6, America has not made any progress. Laws changed, people didn’t.

    As for Blacks being incarcerated, everyone has a story. Jail is not always the answer. The sad part is that jail does not rehabilitate many people.

  • AND...


    Where were you with the O’Reilly thing. I agree that’s every form of written media. I can say Oh yeah I’m gay but if you can’t see the expression on my face or the sarcastic tone of my voice you wouldn’t know that I was joking. This has been going on forever. As far as his comment goes I do agree that building more jails doesn’t solve anything. Instead let’s try keeping people out of jail, black, white, or whatever.

  • Andrew

    Gees, I wonder what would have been the reaction if Rush or Bill would have said something like this!!

  • mactank

    funny!! check this gallery!! HERE FULL GALLERY

  • Lili

    Seriously, I can respect John Edwards. I need to hear more from him, but I do think he’s a sincere man.

    I still want to get Obama in office, but if it were between Hilary and John, I’d have to go with John. I think he would actually DO SOMETHING to help the less fortunate– whatever race they may be.

  • http://greatmindsthinklikemerainlillie.blogspot.com/ rainlillie

    John has fought some tough cases for the poor and disadvantage people.

    He’s not afraid to stand up to big companies and he was one of the only people speaking about issues of poverty last time around.

    I think if the Democrats want to win in 08 John is the best choice.

  • http://greatmindsthinklikemerainlillie.blogspot.com/ rainlillie


    Rush is a proven racist and Bush is a proven dumbass, who isn’t fit to be President of the Star Wars fan club, let alone of the United States.

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