Get Her a Bucket of Popeyes

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This is ANTM winner Jaslene in the Bahamas over the weekend. Why did Tyra co-sign this sick look? All the weight is going to her chin. Tyra is going to get hit with a lawsuit for contributing to her death.

Is it just us or does she look sick? Eat something b*tch before you die.



  • seven

    shes pretty!

  • Jahpson

    Her small frame is making her head look even bigger!

    Notice that “Donkey Butt” on her chin. lmao

  • ***

    she looks like a man with aids

  • DM

    They only picked her to get the Hispanic viewers. She has no potential as a top model or even a bottom model. Put in your application at Taco Bell, chica.

  • lucky meh

    tyra wrong for that mess. she’s always talkin about how you dont have to be stick thin to be a model, then she does some mess like this.

  • detroit

    that’s what real runway models look like – nasty as hell.

  • beth

    i bet her bowel movements weighmore than her

  • moxpoe1

    that’s why i stopped watching ANTM. Tyra was sending mixed messages to those girls about healthy weight.

    The first season, they had what looked like one anorexic.

  • JRiddles

    There was a girl one time I think on the same season with Eva and Eva was grossed out by how skinny the girl was. I think that Jaslene deserved to win, and she probably is naturally thin. There are people who have always been this thin. Because of genes or a fast metabolism, they can’t help their weight or body type. Also, if it were a fat as all hell model who won, the caption would read, “Put down the bucket of Popeye’s. So, I must say she will look pretty effed up at age 80, but I wouldn’t go as far as saying that she’s anorexic or anything. I like her.

  • leah

    Why is Trya to blame, she cant help it that the chick stopping eating. Yall need to be blaming the whole industry not just one person.

  • http://gravatar_id=bcade373ec9236823eb0b3d345bc6def 1TruDiva w/ The PlatinumVocals

    Does she have a glass eye?????

  • smartarse


    I was thinking the same thing….that wonky eye don’t help her top model dreams at all!

  • Dalia

    Somebody please cram a sandwich down this stupid scarecrow’s throat!

  • Bet

    Future crackhead for sure.

  • mactank

    she loos crazy!! full gallery Video intro!

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