BadBoy’s Elephant Man Banned in Toronto

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Elephant Man and reggae artist Sizzla had shows canceled in Canada this week after gay rights groups protested their anti-gay lyrics.

When we look at Elephant Man, he doesn’t look like he can afford to miss too many concert checks. He is definitely a future prospect for a ‘When The Checks Stop Coming In’ post next year.



  • Jahpson

    gay mafia strikes again! sorry Canadian fans. lol

  • Beautiful Blue Eyed Angel

    He looks like he colors his hair himself…He should really seak a professional hairstylist..One of his pony tails broke off.

  • nahnah

    it’s funny, the same black people who go around condemning racism are the same ones who walk around verbalizing their unfounded disdain for homosexuals.

  • JRiddles

    I just talked about this in te post where Beyonce cancelled her show because she couldn’t wear certain things in Malaysia. I said that some reggae singers (mostly dancehall) are banned from certain places because of their anti-gay lyrics. But are any of u mad at NWA’s F*CK The Police? When underage female singers sing racy lyrics and are scantily clad, it’s ok. In Jamaica, many people are not in favor of homosexual lifestyles. No one hates on Christians who are against gays, but because Elephant Man did it everyone thinks he’s bad. I love Sizzla. Elephant Man is one hell of a performer and in Jamaica, his syle of dress is not uncommon. When Michael Jackson’s crazy-looking ass is covered in glitters no one says he needs a new stylist.

  • leah

    Wow I blinked for a minute and gays now rule the World.

  • me

    ok he should have been banned for that suit alone. man, that is a fashion crime to the fullest. that is definitely a “dude where’s my stylist” entry. whew! how is this banana now-n-later talking junk about anyone? people who live in glass houses, especailly extrememly tacky ones, shouldn’t throw stones.

  • keltharocka

    that suit highlights his ugly

  • Geisha

    THat is just crazy why would they stop a 3rd world country artist from getting paid?? Get a life people! DOnt force your lifestyle on others we can respect you as a human but that doesnt mean that people cannot express how they feel!

  • pssshhhhh

    he was just here last week actually where i live. this must be a real recent thing

  • mactank

    hes is crazy!! full gallery Video Intro

  • NARS

    These Jamaican DJ’s are so damn homophobic which I find extremely amusing. Has anyone ever been to a dancehall!! The so called “rude bwoys” are the most effeminate of them all (colors in their hair, tight pants, tied up shirts, dancing with each other). How ironic!

  • NARS


    No offense, but your comment:

    “the islands are very religious and have not been exposed to many gays not since people left the islands and came back and maybe the introduction of cable telvision gave them and outside view of other people and lifestyles”

    is right up there with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stating that there are no gays in Iran! LOL.. Do you REALLY believe that MTV is responsible for the proliferation of homosexuality in the Islands???

  • NARS


    Thank you!

  • lillie

    I met Elephantman at O’Hare airport and he was VERY flamboyant. He was switching harder than Tyra Banks.

  • La. Finest

    Dude is fugly…..that it is all.

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