Carmelo Anthony and LaLa Vazquez, Plus 1

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LaLa, Carmelo, and Kiyan

LaLa discusses the living situation and raising her son with Carmelo Anthony:

“I love my home and I’m happy here, but it gets a little overwhelming when it comes to decorating,” says LaLa. “At night, when I’m home by myself, this big house gets kind of scary and I lock me and my son in my room.” Although there are six bedrooms-one of which is reserved for Anthony’s clothes-it’s the couple’s private quarters that LaLa considers her safe haven; she uses candles to create a serene ambiance.

The couple entertains their guests with a nine-seater home theater and a pool table in the basement. Down below is also a wine cellar, where Anthony loves to hang out. There’s also one room reserved only for her fiancé’s sneakers.

One would expect to see maids running the household, but LaLa says, contrary to popular belief, she’s pretty domesticated. “I clean my own house. I don’t wait for the maid to come,” she says. “And I cook for my family. It might not be a ten-course meal, but I have my specialties like mac ‘n’ cheese, chicken and my world-famous lasagna.”

Awww….that little fella is a cutie pie and we sure love to see this kind of activity from young people. Well, LaLa does kind of have Melo by half a decade, but whatever. Good for them.

More pics below.
Carmelo and KiyanLaLa, Kiyan, and CarmeloThe HouseLaLa, Carmelo, and Kiyan

The HouseLaLa and KiyanLaLa and Kiyan

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