True Or False? Nicki Minaj Endorses Mitt Romney

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Does Nicki Minaj Support Mitt Romney?

Nicki Minaj and her controversial cakes are at it again, this time making waves for lyrics heard on her bossman Wayne’s new ‘Dedication 4′ mixtape in which the big-bootied ‘Barb’ boasts about endorsing GOP presidential candidate Money-Mitt Romney.

Today in mixtape politics: Nicki Minaj’s appearance on Lil Wayne’s new release, Dedication 4, includes a couplet that suggests she’s voting for GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Here are the lyrics in question: “I’m a Republican voting for Mitt Romney / You lazy b—-es is f—ing up the economy.”

The lines seem simple enough, but much of the internet refuses to take Minaj at her word. That’s partly the rapper’s fault, as she is known for adopting multiple personalities (Roman, Barbie, etc.) and generally obfuscating for the fun of it. Some wonder if she was impersonating a Republican in the first line, which would make Republicans the target of the “lazy b—-es” insult.

Vulture noted that Minaj has tweeted at Obama before, imploring him to go further in his healthcare reform efforts. “Even with Obama Care, too much involved,” she tweeted. “Just give FREE health care to all. @barackobama What can we do?”

Normally, we would guess that these were just lyrics and not an actual endorsement, but you can never tell with this chick. Socially conscious Rapper Talib Kweli, who is known for taking a public stance on politics in and outside of his lyrics, called Nicki’s bluff:

What say you Bossip fam? Is Nicki “down with G-O-P?”


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