Spotted! Celebrities That Got Caught Trying To Have Secret Rendezvous…Did You Know About All Of Them?!

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Celebrity Rendezvous Exposed

We have no clue why celebrities think it’s possible to sneak around and not get caught. These celebs have tried to have secret meetings but they ended up getting caught and put on blast. All anyone gets is eyewitness reports or grungy camera shots. But we know they’re meeting in secret!

Get your private eyes ready. Let’s get to the bottom of this.

Nas and Kelis – They just tried to have a secret dinner, but cameras were there. Rekindling the flame?!

Drake and Nicole Scherzinger – They had a secret dinner right after she called off her engagement. But that was about it.

Diddy and Cassie – They were spotted in secret meetings before making it public. Poor Kim Porter.

Diddy and J. Lo – After J. Lo’s divorce from Marc Anthony, she apparently was considering taking Diddy back. They had some meetings but the news had gotten out.

sanchez upton

Mark Sanchez and Kate Upton – He was showing up at her hotel and they were getting it on. That secret didn’t last long.

rih rih breezy

Rihanna and Chris Brown – They’ve been having secret meetings since 2009 and can never seem to do it without people finding out. Just get back together why don’t you.

A reporter asks Rihanna about her affair with Ashton Kutcher at a Battleship press conference

Rihanna and Ashton Kutcher – She’s been spotted creeping into his house. Rihanna maybe needs to work on her stealth.

rashard lewis

Rihanna and Rashard Lewis – Rih Rih got caught sneaking into Rashard Lewis’ hotel room. And sneaking out the next morning. Scandalous!

eddie gill

Eddie Murphy and Johnny Gill – GOTCHA!


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