Should Have Seen It Coming: 10 Clues Nicki Minaj Is A Republican

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10 Examples Of Nicki Minaj Being Republican

Yesterday Nicki Minaj made a big fuss by rapping her support for Mitt Romney on Lil Wayne's Dedication 4. Her line: ""I'm a republican voting for Mitt Romney; You lazy b****es are f***ing up the economy." While it's just a rap line, we've been thinking about it. We've noticed that Nicki's endorsement shouldn't come as a surprise. Let's take a look.
1. She's Rich - She probably won't even have to pay a damn penny in tax.
2. They're Cutting Medicaid - If they cut healthcare spending then butt shots get more expensive. That means fewer women are getting booty implants and there's less competition for Nicki.
nicki minaj 3. They love chairs - Clint Eastwood loves chairs. Nicki loves giving lap dances.
Nicki Minaj 4. She Says Bad Things About Women Sometimes - Republicans hate women. Nicki Minaj sure does love fighting ladies.
Nicki Minaj performing live in concert at club Alcatraz, as part of her 'Pink Friday' tour Milan, Italy - 21.06.12 5. Is She Mormon? - She always says that "all these b***es is my sons." That's a lot of kids.
6. Fake Blonde Hair - You see the RNC? All those bleach blondes? Nicki would fit in.
7. She's Not Honest About Her Money - Nicki talks about private jets and islands she probably doesn't own. While Mitt lies like he's not a rich silver spoon snob.
8. She Doesn't Follow Through On All Her Promises - Remember when she no-showed the Summer Jam? About as disappointing as a Romney promise.
Nicki Minaj performing live in concert at club Alcatraz, as part of her 'Pink Friday' tour Milan, Italy - 21.06.12 9. Crazy Followers - You ever see those Barbz? The tea party has nothing on them!
10. Ah, nevermind! - We just realized, the Democrat mascot is a donkey. And lord knows Nicki supports dat a$$ every chance she gets! Good to know she's not really voting Republican. Close one.

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