Amy Winehouse’s Husband Got That A$$ Kicked in Jail

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amy& hubby fight

As if this cat didn’t look f*cked up enough, he’s been getting stomped out in the slammer:

Fielder-Civil, 26, was beaten up over his treatment of troubled wife AMY WINEHOUSE, 25.  He was moved from London’s tough Pentonville Prison to Edmunds Hill Jail in Suffolk last weekend amid fears for his safety.

A source said: “Some lads don’t appreciate men who don’t treat their women well. Blake got a bit of a kicking and was moved away from a gang who were after his blood.”

Fielder-Civil returned to jail last week to continue serving his sentence for assault and trial-fixing.

He broke his early release terms after failing a drug test.  Before going back to jail he visited Amy in hospital. She had collapsed on a drink and drugs bender after a row with him on the phone. Pals believe he took her drugs.

Not that we are in love with Amy Wino or anything, but for main man to try to take advantage of her while she is down is just dirtier than the the thought of them two getting it poppin’ in public.  It serves his punk ass right to get a few Dr. Martins upside his head.  Chump.



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