Shady Azz BP Oil Attempts Beach Cleanup After Hurricane Isaac–Asks Permission To ‘Deep Clean’

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Yeah…go ahead and tell us one more time that you cleaned all that isht up!

This just sounds like another PR scheme to us.

BP PLC says it wants to aggressively clean up buried oil exposed on Louisiana’s beaches by Hurricane Isaac’s churning waves.

The company wants to dig deep into beaches and remove oil buried since a BP well blew out on April 20, 2010, leading to the nation’s largest offshore spill.

But digging deep can bring its own problems — it can be harmful to creatures that live on beaches or feed on them and it also may lead to erosion by loosening up sand. Erosion is a constant worry in Louisiana because the state is losing land at an alarming rate.

Mike Utsler, the president of BP’s Gulf Coast Restoration Organization, said Tuesday the company has asked the Coast Guard and state and local officials for permission to do the “deep-cleaning.”

In case you didn’t know, BP is still the largest fuel supplier to the U.S. Military. The Gulf-Killin’ company received 49 percent more in defense contracts this past fiscal year…making a 33 percent profit to $1.35 billion!

Guess we can all sleep a little better at night knowing BP will do a good job…they’ll know exactly where to look since they’re the ones that buried all that “black gold” there in the first place!

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