Hi Hater: Music Store Labels Chris Breezy’s New Album With Warning For Customers “This Man Beats Women”

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Would you still buy his album?

Chris Brown‘s latest album has been labeled with a domestic abuse warning.

The singer’s fifth studio album Fortune is being sold in London HMV stores with a domestic abuse disclaimer, which is thought to be the work of campaigners.

Brown was charged with felony assault in 2009 after he physically abused his then-girlfriend Rihanna. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to five years probation, as well as community service and domestic violence conseling.

It’s unclear how the stickers got on copies of Fortune, Brown’s fifth studio album, but Gigwise reports that there are believed to have been placed on the CD cases by anti-domestic-violence activists.

Despite negative reviews, Fortune, which was released in late June, debuted at number one on the album sales charts both in the UK and here in the US.

What if they did this for all artists?

Michael Jackson: This man allegedly molested boys.
Bing Crosby: This man beat his children.
R.Kelly: This man allegedly peed on a little girl.

It might make going to a store interesting instead of just ordering the item off Amazon.


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