Hoes and Homo-Thugs

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Superhead hit up ‘ Wendy Williams’ radio show and continued to put Big Tigga on blast, accusing him of being a homo. Tigga has denied her claims and has threatened to slap a lawsuit on her ass.

Here is the audio of her interview:

There has been too much Superhead content on our site this week, we have to call a ‘CDC’ task force to get our server checked out.


  • lainy

    I said it before and I will say it again. Big Tigg is gay that is the one thing Superhead did get right. Notice how theman accused of being with him Tyson has not said a word about these alligations. What is left in the dark will come to the light watch. Am I 1st????

  • lainy

    Stop giving this trick so much attention it jsut gives her reason to think she is special.


    Why do these fools mess with that tramp when you know she “gon run tell dat” somebody put something in her mouth my zipper is stuck. Tigga might be gay in this day a age I wouldnt be surprised

  • Mahogany

    Let me take a stab @ the dark here……

    Tigger is geigh because he didn’t want her stretched out like yoga crotch!


  • Dream

    She is such a liar I listened to the Jamie Foxx interview and this trick is fake as hell and a liar. I hate what she stands for and I am not a hater…

  • But Seriously Folks

    Why can’t she take the money she made off that “book” and go to school or something? Start a business. Get on with her life. Nobody wants to hear the refried tales of her sexcapades! If she wants to become respectable, try getting a life and not continuing down the road of Skankzilla.

    It’s almost sad. Clearly the woman has mad issues.

    As for Tigger, who cares? Not even Tyson at this point…

  • Meme

    This girl can’t be lying about everything. I listened to the interview too. She may exaggerate a few things, but she is not totally making things up. Do I believe she saw the white meat? No, I don’t. But there is some truth somewhere!

  • T

    I must say in her defense, I have seen a picture of Big Tigger when he was a teenager on the web and I’m sure others have too, that picture with his leg in a cheerleader position, made me say SUSPECT!!! He’s has tendencies..

  • http://whoseamerica.blogspot.com/ daria

    This chick knows how to promote the hell out of a book.

  • Bahama Mama

    You’s a hoooooeeee


    I say that u’s a hoe

    cut off her mic NOW

  • Guilty Pleasure

    Hmmph, I always thought he was GAY………and CORNY!!!!

  • http://BronxRap.com Gina

    I just read something over at BronxRap.com that sounds pretty convincing….It’s called Proof Tigga is not a mo’


  • http://www.osotru.com osotru.com


  • me

    “You are amazingly clean look to be such a dirty hooker” LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wendy is hilarious and I appreciate her calling her out about how judgmental she has been towards blacks.

  • Ttime

    @ Mahogany:

    LOL, you are a damn fool!

    Anyway, she is just like No Cents–trying to start beef when she has a project to promote. And just like No Cents, it worked for her the first time around, but won’t work the second time–because by now ppl are hip to that game (just ask No Cents, he’s been in hiding ever since Kanye SPANKED that ass).

    Anyway… anyone who believes her delusional lies should go find Chicken Little because obviously their feable, gullible minds also believe that the sky is fall.

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