The “A’s” Finest Hit Up the Hawks Game

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Polow Da Don and Young Jeezy

The Hawks got a big win over Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. In attendance were Jeezy, aka the Snowman, and Polow da Don, aka the Snowbunnyman. SMH

Ciara, Ludacris and more Jeezy up under the hood.
Ciara Young Jeezy Ludacris Ciara


  • Re

    A Bear and a Hefty bag…

  • Re

    Mountain Lion and an African American Michelin Man…

  • Memo



    I laugh every time i see Luda. That look like NBA Allstar weekend or sumthin…


    Its cool…GO CAVS!!

  • Candid Canuck

    snowman and snowbunnyman… yall kill me

  • Raquel26

    LOL @ Re….you are crazy! I was like Snowman and Snowbunnyman????? WTF????

    I know what the names mean, but it sounds kinda gay to me. Grown a** men calling themselves Snowbunny anything.

    What oh, what will they call themselves next?

    The teletubbies of the hood?

  • Raquel26

    ^^^^Oh, yeah! Thats right….he does like the white girls. Dayum, he missed old girls in the KFC bathroom that he could have knocked down. lol

  • Lux_Loofa

    i know he likes white chics but i thougt that he looks like a snowman in that bunny fur coat. hot couture &ready to wear gear & gifts at

  • Mrs...B*tch to You!

    Man I luvs me some Jeezy! I would def put on

  • Mrs...B*tch to You!

    @ Purple…Thats not until Feb..

  • sourgrapes

    Was it just me, or did it seem like Lebron was trying to kick it to Ciara… both were flirting big time…

  • BillionaireXchange

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    NIKKI NIK is Lebron going to sell you guys out and go to NY?


    Encyclopedia Brown….
    Prolly. Jig is his boy…all I ask is that he does his job and win us a Champ…then he can leave whatever, whenever, wherever….

    I can believe it. LJ has parties in the city and I NEVER see his B.M. I have modeled/hosted some of them…she isn’t even tucked in the V.I.P room….

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