Good Morning, Mr. President

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Our very own President-elect Barack Obama was spotted Christmas tree shopping in Chi-town yesterday. We can’t get enough of his debonair swagger. It’s safe to say that this brotha is the sexiest head of state this country’s ever seen.

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President Handsome

More news from Obamaland:

Livesteez presents The Barack Obama doll. Plus, Camp Obama has decided to arrive to the inauguration in a classic fashion, by train.

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  • Memo


  • cjacque

    i love him and his wife… Im so excited

  • Vee-Like Garfield I Hate Mondays :-(

    Good Morning All! Our new Prez and his wife both have MAJOR swagger. Looking forward to the next four years.

  • jadewillowmilian

    Damn, he is fine!!!! Is it wrong to be crushing on the president

  • Charli

    I agree with Vee…They as examples are what our community as a whole has needed. And, yes, Barack is very handsome.

  • what happened to my name?

    please read if you want to know how crooked obama really is. this guy will be indicted and convicted next year. he’s a muslim who hates christ.

  • Diva

    He looks pretty haute to me!

  • Afiya

    I love this guy and his family…I can’t wait until he finally becomes the Command in Chief and show them all how it’s really done!

    I will be taking off January 20 and sitting in the comforts of my cozy room watching in AWE of his inauguration!

  • Afiya

    To hell with SandraRose @ what happened to my name?

    She’s not relevant! :(


    I live less than a mile from Barak. He is so cool and down to earth, he hasnt changed anything.

  • Afiya

    oops *Commander*

  • honesty4u

    DO NOT read, she is a serious hater who hates on Beyonce and President-elect Obama on a daily basis. I used to go on her site until I saw the black on black crime she commits on the regular on our new President. Hi Hater!!!!!!

  • Precious

    Awwwww how cute

  • Re

    @What happened to my name

    So being a Muslim equates to hating Christ? Muslims believe in Jesus, genius.

  • MWNY

    Loves it.
    And about SR she always has something negative to say always.

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